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Pete's 1970 440+6 Survivor
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It all started back in 1985 when I first fell in love with the 1970 Plymouth Cuda. After owning my first 70 Barracuda daily driver I realized that I wanted the real thing a 70 Cuda. Shortly thereafter I became a friend with some local people who were also into collecting Mopar Muscle Cars. In Late 1988 one of those friends brothers had purchased a 1970 Plymouth Cuda with the 440+6 option. When they first brought it home I can remember climbing into the back seat with a few other friends and heading down to the local fast food place. Of course the Cuda didn't have any problem spinning the tires even with the four of us inside. That was my first real taste of a Big Block Mopar's awesome power. I was hooked.

In 1990 I got a call from the owner of the Cuda stating that his family was going to be selling it and was I interested. The price was negotiated and my father and I soon found ourselves loading the Cuda onto our car trailer. The car had been sitting for about a year and a half and was not running as well as I had remembered. The carburetor gaskets had dried up and it needed a general tune-up. When we got it home we gave it a quick wash job, parked it in our workshop and covered it with a car cover.

Time and other projects came and went and the Cuda soon found itself at our other storage facility parked for the better part of 10 years. While not forgotten completely, Time and Money were devoted to other things including other Mopar projects, and along with a busy work schedule the Cuda was somewhat neglected. After thinking about it for some time I finally decided it was time to bring it back out of storage, clean it up, tune it up and get it running. Surprisingly the Cuda only needed minor work even after sitting for so long. The fluids were changed, carburetors were rebuilt, A few correct replacement parts purchased from Frank Badalson were installed, and a lot of cleaning from top to bottom.

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So here it is now, Still wearing 90% of its original paint, 100% of its original Interior, and its complete original drivetrain, including the original aluminum intake manifold. (Yes this one was one of the few that was built with a left over 69 1/2 intake manifold). This Cuda, while not an ordered car, was equipped with two fender tags and has some very nice options including the A34 Super Track Pack option, D21 Pistol Grip 4spd Transmission, N96 Shaker Hood, R22 AM 8 track Radio, The very rare V5X Body side Molding, A01 Light Package, Dual Chrome Racing mirrors, Rimblow Steering Wheel, Rallye Guages, and N97 Noise Reduction Package. Strangely enough with all those options the Cuda was optioned with manual Steering and 14" Rallye Wheels.

The best part of bringing this Cuda back to life after 12 years was the ability to trace down the original owner from some old DMV registration slips and the original Dealer Sales Contract. While I have not yet had the opportunity to meet the owner face to face, we have corresponded on the phone and via E-mail. As with any older Muscle Car there is always questions that need to be answered because documentation is very important. The original owner was able to answer most of my questions as if he owned the car yesterday.

The Cuda was purchased in late 1970 after the original owner had spotted it at a dealership in the adjoining town. A deal was struck, the Cuda was transferred to the local dealer of his town, and the paperwork was signed. At 22 years old and fresh out of college the new owner had one heck of a ride. Fortunately the car was never abused, and was garaged from day one. The Cuda was used as a daily driver until the mid 70's and then became the second car in the family and spent more time undercover and in the garage. After seeing limited use for the better part of 10 years the Cuda was finally sold in 1987.


Thanks again Pete for sharing your story with us! CP


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