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Since this article was published on Friday, this car has been sold. I would like to take this time to thank everyone that sent me emails and called regarding this Cuda! I would also like to congratulate both Chris and the new owner for a mutually beneficial sale! Both are definitely winning on this deal and I can't wait to see her restored!! It was a pleasure sharing this car with visitors and assisting in matching selling with buyer! Stay tuned for more exclusive cars coming up for sale real soon! -Chris

Rust Free 1971 440-6 4 Speed CUDA!
Well you certainly don't see this everyday! I am proud to bring you this exclusive story and images of yet another awesome 1971 440-6pk Cuda! A couple of weeks ago, I received a cryptic email from someone visiting claiming to have an identical car like the 1971 440-6pk Cuda I did an article on a few months back. Curiously, I proceeded to call the gentlemen to learn more about the Cuda he found. I was greeted with an energetic and excited guy by the name of Chris. He proceeded to tell me about his numbers matching 71, EV2, 440-6pk, 4speed, original paint Cuda.
The more and more he told me about the car the harder and harder it was to believe. This car is 99% rust free and the images below proves this without a doubt. With the exception of a very small pin hole in the trunk and an other pin hole in the drivers side lower quarter this car is an unbelievably preserved car. There is a lot of information we have been gathering from this car which I personally never knew. For example did you know they painted the blackout on the lower rockers before they painted the car, at least they did on this one. The paint ridge is on top of the black out, pretty cool!!
At first glance, it's not hard to tell, the seats in the car are wrong and both Chris and I initially believed the interior was black. Then we noticed the white sun visors and headliner, so I checked the fender tag. Sure enough the interior code on this Cuda is H6XW. Oh my, this is an original white interior car. How many of these did they build? I'm not one to start splitting production numbers by options, but this Cuda has to be pretty rare and cool! I am sure others would know and care about the exact production figures, but to me this Cuda is simply cool, rare and FRESH looking dressed in this color combo!
So how did Chris score this treasure? Good question! As he pulled the horse shoe out of his ass he was heading into the mountains of Colorado on business and ended up at a local Ford Dealership. Once inside he was smacked in the face with the awesome site of a billboard Cuda! As a very successful and die hard Mopar collector he thought to himself, either this is a an old school clone or this is a "barn fresh original car". It didn't take Chris long to track down the second owner of the car in a near by bay. He proceeded to ask the gentlemen if the car was for sale. The owner said "Yes the car's for sale, everyone says they want it but nobody comes up with the money, so I'm plannig to restore the car."

Chris immediately said "How much do you want for it?"
The owner blurted out a number and after Chris picked himself off the floor he instantly agreed... Knowing that was too easy the owner back pedaled and said the car wasn't for sale anymore. Slightly frustrated, Chris gave him his number and told him to call if he ever changes his mind.
Well a couple of months later, Chris got a call from the gentlemen who had given the sale more thought. Needless to say, the price had literally doubled, but this time there was another buyer involved. We've all been here before haven't we? The old saying is true, something that sounds to good to be true, probably is. Chris was now in a bidding war with someone else who just had to have this "survivor" Cuda. Back and fourth, back and fourth, the game was played. Fortunately, Chris was ultimately the winner in end and for the third time in it's life the Cuda had a new owner. 
Even though the price for the Cuda rocketed into a more reasonable sale price the car was still a great deal.

I mean when was the last time anyone found an all original, rust free, original paint, 440-6pk Cuda? The car has the original billboard applied by the factory back in 1971 still hung with pride on the quarters! And to kick up even more it's an original 4speed car to boot! Knowing how awesome this car is Chris has decided to share the photo's with me and all of you to view. Chris was a little torn about what to do with the car now that he has it. It's not nice enough to leave it unrestored, even though it runs and drives and cleans up real well. He thought about restoring her to OE Gold standards and perhaps sell it once it wins everything and covers every magazine on the newstands.

For now he is willing to sell the car the way she sits so he can concentrate on his rather large and impressive collection of rare Mopars. The car will be on sale on for a limited time and if the asking price is not met the car will be sent out for restoration and sold for a lot more I'm sure. Who knows, it may even end up at the Barret-Jackson for the rich and esentric prices... ;)

Either way, the story should be told about how another low profile E-Body comes to the public!! This is a car that hasn't seen the light of day for many years and with only 93,888 original miles on the car it really hasn't been anywhere. The second owner bought the car in 1985 and hasn't really driven it much since then.

Interesting to note, even though the Cuda's looks gorgeous with the "70" rubber front bumper it is an original chrome front bumper car. After Thirty plus years the two owner's were bound to lose stuff off the car and this Cuda is missing a couple of pieces. For example an original pistol grip shifter, and correct radiator are some of the missing items from the car. The car comes complete with numbers matching engine, transmission, broadcast sheet, fender tag, & vin tag. The Cuda is 100% matching numbers and would make any purist a happy camper and make this killer rust free Cuda an easy restoration!

Thanks for sharing your awesome car Chris!

Chris Picco

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