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09/23/2005 - SOLD! 1971 440-6pk Cuda!

Some of you may or may not remember this beauty from last year when I discovered her sleeping in a barn near my house. After resurrecting her, we had plans of fully restoring the car and featuring it's restoration on every step of the way. Ironically we were inundated with offers for the car and the owner at the time elected to sell. The new owner of the car has asked me to advertise the car once again because he is far too busy to restore anything else right now and decided to let someone else have the chance.


So with out further delay here is a description of the car.

N45 High Capacity Fan
N85 Tachometer
R11 Music Master Am Radio
V6X Longitudinal Stripe (Billboard)

J68 Rear Window Louvers
M21 Roof Drip Rail Moldings
M25 Wide Sill Moldings
M31 Belt and Hood Moldings
M88 Lower Deck Lid Moldings, Quarter Panel Tape Treatment

C16 Console with Woodgrain Panel (w/ Bucket Seats) (69-71)
C55 Non-Reclining Bucket Seats
G36 Painted Dual Racing Mirrors
J25 3 speed Wipers
J15 Cigarette Lighter

V1X Black Vinyl Top
C Canadian Built Car
A34 .10:1 Dana 60 Super Track Package (69-71),
A62 Rally Instrument Cluster (69-71),
A67 Plymouth Backlight Louver Package (70-71)

EV2 Tor-Red
H6T7 Two Tone Tan Interior
205 Build Date

E87 440-6pk
D21 4 Speed Transmission

Basically this car needs a complete restoration. Once complete, it will be one of the most unique and high value Cuda's out there. To my knowledge, this is one of only 218 Domestic Cuda's made. Not sure about the export cars, you should give Galen a shout to be sure.

Over all the car is in great and aside from being the victim of a crappy paint job is in overall great shape. There is light surface rust and minor pitting underneath from being stored in the barn for 20 years as would be expected.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article!

Chris Picco


Rare Finds - With Jerry Heasley
Click image to view the article!

Recently my "Found 1971 440-6!" article was re-written and featured in the December 2004 issue of Mopar Muscle! Apparently a number of loyal visitors sent the article to Jerry Heasley. Jerry, is one of the premier journalist for the Muscle Car hobby he is also a veteran writer for Mopar Muscle and one hell of a great guy!. Curious, he took the time to call me on the phone and confirmed everything I wrote and inturn wrote an article about it!

What can I say? This is the first time has ever been published in a magazine! I am so excited about this and wish to thank everyone who took the time to send my article to Mopar Muscle! You guys rock!

Unknowingly, you have all helped me achieve a dream of getting Cudaworld into a magazine. I have been such a huge fan of Mopar Muscle since I can remember and this is such a great honor! I would also like to thank Jerry Heasley and Mopar Muscle for taking the time to share my story with all of your subscribers!! Until the next big find!


Chris Picco

Crazy but true!
Printer Friendly Verison
How many of you believe in fate? When I was a kid my mother always said "things happen for a reason". I truly believe this to be true and I am constantly reminded of this each and everyday. Well last summer while driving my AAR home from a local car show, I decided I would take the long way home because I didn't want to get out of my Cuda just yet. As I committed to my extended drive home, I began shifting the gears 1-2-3 then just as I went to pull into 4th the entire shifter mechanism fell through the floorboards and landed on the transmission cross member. Quickly, I engaged the clutch and rolled safely to a stop on the shoulder of a country road.

Initially, I thought I blew the tranny, and began to wonder how the heck we would get home. I decided to start taking apart the shifter boot to see the extent of the damage. It was a good thing Sam "my ebody guru" and best friend was with me, because within seconds he told me we dropped the bolts out of the shifter plate that mounts to the side of the tranny. Trying to find the missing bolts on the highway was not exactly my idea of fun, so we were going to have to call one of our wives to come and pick us up to grab Sam's shifter mount bolts from his Cuda. As soon as I got out of the car I saw a guy walking down the shoulder towards us. His name was Mike and he owned the house about 100 yards up the road. He saw the doors open on the Cuda and thought maybe we dropped a roach down between the seats. Yes I am serious he really thought that!. LOL

When Mike learned about our problem he instantly offered us the use of his driveway and tools. So we began pushing the Cuda down the shoulder and up the driveway of Mike's house. When we got to his house he immediately went inside to grab some beers. Believe it or not this perfect stranger was now treating us like a bunch of old friends. I was very shocked and amazed at his hospitality and generosity. Sam quickly started scanning the Cuda for some donor bolts to get us rolling.

The discovery
As I was speaking with Mike he began ripping bolts off his lawn tractor and Jeep Cherokee which blew my mind. At that moment it seemed as if he didn't care about his missing bolts, all he wanted to do was help us get my Cuda fixed. Mike was very impressed with my car and seemed somewhat knowledgeable about Cuda's. Just as he was backing off a bolt from the lawn tractor he said the words that this article is all about! "I love Cuda's, this car is just like mine!" Instantly both Sam and I stopped dead in our tracks.

We both looked at him and with the same awe struck look on our faces said "Where? here?" He began to tell us he had a 1971 440-6pack 4speed Cuda sitting in his shed for 20 years. Completely blown away that the exact house I broke down in front of was the secret hide out of none other than a hidden billboard big block Cuda. I asked him how long he owned the car and he told me he bought it in 1983 and parked it in 1984! This mysterious car became more and more interesting as he told us more about it. I asked politely if I could see this awesome car that he was describing. He said "sure" even though I could tell he was a little reserved about showing us his car. He disappeared for a few minutes and when he came back he said he couldn't find the keys to the metal shed at the back of his property.

I want to say I didn't doubt him, however; considering he was unable to show us the car I began to wonder if he was just making this up. We both get a chuckle about this even today as he agrees, he would have thought the same thing if the tables were turned. Nonetheless, Sam managed to remove 2 door hinge bolts from each door. they fit perfectly and would enable us to get home. After thanking Mike for his help we began our journey home.

The moment of truth
The next week I grabbed a case of beer and headed up to Mike's place again to say thank you for his help. Greeted with a smile he said he managed to find the keys and offered me the opportunity to see his ebody treasure. We walked to the back of the property to a metal shed. Once inside the building he opened another door and there she was. I was blown away at the shear site of this rare and low production Cuda just sitting there covered in junk. The first thing I noticed was the absolutely perfect 71 Grille that we all know will cost many of us a small fortune to buy. The original numbers matching 440 engine was sitting on a skid right next to the car. The car was converted over to an automatic back into the 70's because the women who drove the car couldn't push the clutch down. Even though the car was converted, it still retained it's original 4 speed hump and pedal assembly. As I climbed over mountains and mountains of junk to get close to the car, I noticed the two fenders tags were still attached to the inner fenders and I began to decode the car in my head.

Unable to get to the back of the car because of the amount of stuff piled around it, I was awestruck at the condition of the original black vinyl top and the mint original rear window louvers still on the car. I managed to open the passenger side door to witness with my own eyes the awesome H6T5 2 tone tan interior, a first for me. It looked like someone bought the car and parked it inside the building a week later because the interior was bone stock and untouched. It even had the original radio still in the car. Obviously the car has been sitting for an extended period of time since the interior looked like it had been driven down a dirt road with the doors open. Over all the interior was really impressive however it was really dusty and dirty. I continued to try and make my way to the back of the car.

Once I got to the back of the Cuda the rear license plate on the car still had the 1985 plate sticker on it, confirming this car was taken off the road back in the year Mike said he yanked the engine out. Covered in dust, crap & more crap the car looked so majestic and screamed for attention. I asked Mike if he would ever part with it and he said "no way, man!" He made me promise not to tell anyone about the car and until now I kept my word.

The call!
After staying in touch with Mike over the past year, he finally called me and told me he was going to sell the Cuda. Even though it came as a shock, I immediately called one of my closest friends and we arranged a time to go and see the car. Once in the shed we closely examined the car from front to back. We analyzed the numbers to ensure the car was indeed a real 440-6 pack. Mike had all the documentation to back up the car, even though we managed to find a second broadcast sheet taped to the top of the glove box. The only item Mike didn't have was the original numbers matching 4 speed tranny that was changed way back before Mike bought the car.

After checking over the car thoroughly an offer was made. After owning a car like this for 20 years, it was not an easy decision for Mike to make. He took some time to think about our offer and after some negotiating back and fourth he agreed to sell the car. About a week later we arrived at Mike's house with the a truck and trailer to begin the daunting task of extracting her from the steel shed that she called home for 20 years. It was no surprise that all 4 tires were flat and the brakes were seized. After pumping up the tires and gently rocking the Cuda back and fourth, she eventually broke free and rolled smoothly to the awaiting trailer.

As a matter of fact the Cuda hasn't seen daylight in 20 years and only saw about 4 feet of it as it was wheeled into the awaiting trailer. After Mike said his goodbye's, the Cuda began it's trek to an awaiting shop where we would begin the painstaking chore of cleaning the years of crap, crud and dust from the car. We took the Cuda to a near by shop and had it up on the hoist to inspect the undercarriage. We removed the 70's Hill Billy style trailer hitch that was mounted to the tow hooks as well as the remnants of the original exhaust system and gas tank.

In closing, I would like to thank Mike for considering me to represent his beloved and rare Cuda. I know he feels he is helping to give back to the hobby a rare and collectible Cuda that was hidden all these years in his shed. It is stories like this that inspire me to continue looking in every field, barn, open garage or virgin dirt road in hopes of finding that missing Cuda. I hope you have enjoyed all the images and this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Keep checking this site for updates on the planned restoration of our newest member to!

Chris Picco


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