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1971 Sassy Grass Billboard Car! - Sold!
My wife and I have been enjoying the mopar hobby for years. She really had no particular favorite until we went to the Mopar Nationals approximately 7 years ago. We were walking thru the show area and went into a tent filled with 71 Cuda convertibles. One Cuda left a lasting impression on her and I. It was a sassygrass green with a white convertible top and white billboards. She fell in love, we asked around to see who owned this beautiful machine. With a little detective work, we were introduced to Bill Flynn, from Florida. He was very kind, letting us admire his treasure. We asked if the car was for sale, He quickly answered, no. He gave me his phone number and I've called him a few times over the years, with the same reply, no. It's not for sale.

Now that the prices on these rare fish have skyrocketed, I knew it was very unlikely I'd own this convertible. Well, accepting this fact, I thought a hardtop would do the trick. So the search began, little did I know how rare this color combination was, We found a sassygrass with black interior, but it just not what we wanted. Last June, my best friend and fellow moparion, called me with news that would change our life. He told us to look on e-bay, so I quickly hopped on my trustee computer at work and couldn't believe what I found.

A 1971 Cuda, sassygrass green, white interior, white billboards, (Holy Mother of Mopar) we've found are dream car. Now for the hard part, I wasn't about to let this car get away. So I emailed the owner, a gave him my sappy story about the convertible, and asked him what it was going to take to own his car. After a week of phone calls and e-mails a deal was stuck and I was off to Houston Texas. I was picked up at the airport by owner in the Cuda. It was hot, (the car) and outside, but the air conditioning blew extremely cold. This was the first time I appreciated a/c in a muscle car.

After paying for the car, the owner took me out for dinner, then drove me back to my hotel. After about 4 hours of sleep, I was on a plane for home. A week later the Cuda showed up in an enclosed trailer and we unloaded our diamond in the ruff. Don't get me wrong, It's an awesome Cuda, but it will need paint eventually, not due to rust, it's rust-free. It's just old paint that's been touched here and there. The interior needs seat covers, dash pad, door panels re-dyed. Now for the good stuff.

It's an all #s matching, 340, console automatic, rally dash, a/c (blows cold), ps, pdb, tuff wheel, light group pkg, tinted glass, color keyed grill, dual painted mirrors, w/o mldgs,15x7 ralleys, new Goodyear eagle GT II's, new center caps, trim rings, lug nuts, new headliner, new sunvisors, re-chromed rear bumper, repainted tailpanel (correct organisol), it also has rear window louvers (added), front & rear spoilers (added), road lamps (added). It is documented with 2 fender tags, 2 broadcast sheets, dash vin, door jamb sticker, cowl & radiator support vin #s, original operators manual w/ braking distance card with vin#,

The Cuda runs, and drives great. Draws attention every time I take it out. Unfortunately a new business venture may be someone's lucky day to own this extremely rare color combo Cuda. The price is not negotiable. 35,000.00. This is not an easy thing to do, so please don't call or e-mail to say it too much money, I know, but try finding one that needs absolutely no metal replace (from what I can see) with these options and #s matching.

"Please note this car has been sold."

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