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All Chrysler National's 2004 - Carlisle, PA
The Chrysler's at Carlisle event held on July 9th to 11th 2004 was simply out of this world. For someone restoring, showing or a spectator of precious Mopars, then this is the show for you! We arrived this year on Friday afternoon and even though we had a full day planned for Saturday we got a sneak peek of the show Friday afternoon. The show field was building steadily as many of the car show participants were arriving through out the day. The 14th annual Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals brought a record 46,474 Mopar enthusiasts to the Carlisle (Pa.) Fairgrounds. A record 2,132 vehicles participated in the show field, and 1,448 vendors offered all sorts of Mopar items.

Last year we only had 1 day to do the show and believe me it wasn't enough time to see everything. This year I spent a little more time in the swap area buying parts for Project AAR. I managed to find a lot of the rare stuff I needed, rather than having to buy it off e-gag. The invitation tent was stuffed was many rare and gorgeous cars like Jeff Spark's "Resto Rick built" 1971 HEMI Cuda and Harold Sullivan's awesome Limelight strobe stripe Cuda. There was some amazing Challengers and a very nice Superbird there as well not to mention all of the other hot Mopars! Check out Cudaworld for an upcoming series of detailed resto tips using Jeff Spark's Cuda and Resto Rick's techniques and tips that he uses to build some of the hottest Cuda's in the Country.

Back to the show... The car coral once again had some pretty amazing rides for sale, and cars were selling at strong prices. If the rumors of a price check in this hobby were true, there was no evidence of this Saturday & Sunday! From what I have seen and heard there were a lot of smiling faces around the corral. Goodmark Industries was there promoting their repop steel. While walking past the display area I saw an innocent unmanned white table with a Challenger Full Quarter sitting on it, yeah I said FULL QUARTER! Nothing like a Carlisle event to unveil a new and much needed repop piece. I snapped a few images of it and they are in the gallery.

Jeff from & Barry Washington from the challenger T/A Registry were in the middle of the show field with some hot examples of amazing AAR's and T/A's. Although I missed the seminars they were giving I heard the turnout was great and info they were sharing was very informative. The Trans-am cars are definitely in good hands with these guys! check out their websites and tell them sent ya! Also in the midst of the Cuda's where to folks from What a great bunch of people with an army of awesome E-bodies! They actually got picked by Mopar Collector Guide to do a photo shoot for an upcoming issue. I got a chance to shoot the scene as well, that was a lot of fun!

Considering, I was in a buying mode this year I got to meet some of the well known manufacturers of accurate restoration parts like Bill from Bill and Rose Evans Wiring. I tell you Bill and his company make the nicest and most accurate wiring I have ever seen for Mopars. Jim Tanner just started remaking the Cuda Road lamp Brackets that are stunning replicas of the originals I have in my basement. He has also developed out of galvanized steel the correct Marker Light Brackets. These pieces are a must have and are simply amazing! Also got a chance to buy some terrific coating products from Eastwood. Being that I Live in Canada it is sometimes hard to get some of Eastwood's products across the bridge so it was really convenient to buy the stuff and bring it home my self.

We also bought a couple of dashpads for our friends with E-bodies from Alan Fox at Ultimate rides. His product is very nice and the price is very reasonable. A new product that I had the chance to pick up at the show were the Cuda Eyebrow spoilers from First Place Auto Products. These guys are making some very accurate and much needed replacement parts for Cuda's like one of the most accurate Go-Wing spoilers on the market. I truly can't wait to install these eye brow spoilers on the AAR! Overall we met loads of vendors selling all kinds of things from diecast collectibles to rare NOS parts, it is just so hard to list them all so make sure you head out to the show next year.

After making the mistake of walking the show last year in my trusty sandals we came prepared with comfortable running shoes, a back pack for our camera equipment and lot's of money! Believe me walking those rows in the swap meet is definitely a work out! Especially, when the temperature is in the mid to high 80's. The sights and sounds of the All Chrysler event is always a site to see. Where else can you walk down a row and see three pristine Hemi Challengers and a Hemi Cuda sitting under a tent?

Needless to say the show went by in a blink of an eye! One minute we are arriving through the gates and before you know it is time to leave. It is always great to see all those familiar faces and yearly car show friends. I personally can't wait for next year and hope to have Cudaworld's Project AAR ready for the show.

I would like to take this time to thank Becky Kunzman for personally inviting us to the show and treating us so well. In addition, I would like to thank all of the staff at Carlise Events for making this show one of the most worthy, successful & organized events in our hobby! Counting the days until next year!

Chris Picco
Creator & Developer


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