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As we all know this is hobby is full of very talented restorers and I am very proud to present this special Challenger to all of you. I have been very fortunate to have met Dave & Steve over the past few years in the Ontario Mopar scene. We share a similar attention to detail and the desire and ambition to make sure no little details are over looked.

Dave & Steve have been working on this beautiful 1970 440 U code Challenger for the past 2 + years. I finally got to see the car at it's debut show in Mississauga, Ontario back in May. Needless to say these guys went all out! While walking the show it was like you were drawn to the car. Of course in the screaming FJ5 paint it's not hard to spot it from 10 rows away. This car is honestly one of the nicest restored Challenger's I have ever seen and once I learned the car was for sale I felt compelled to help them broadcast this beauty to the world!

Of course is all about the Cuda's but every once and awhile you find the perfect car to break the rules! I am currently working on an all Mopar website that will encompass cars like these but for now is the only website currently active. If I had the room this car would be in my garage but for now it's available to the public! Dave & Steve are currently working on another project car that I am sure will be up to this level so this one is ready to become yours!

Below is a write up that was written by Dave. He did a great job so rather than improve on excellence I will simply paste his article on the car. If you are interested in making this car your own simple send Dave an email to or call evenings after 8:00 pm (905)469-6105. Over two hundred photos of the restoration are available.

The Story...


This all started when my buddy and I responded to an online ad which simply stated "For Sale '70 R/T Challenger". The car was in Buffalo, New York and was being sold by a guy named Bob who had fallen on rough times and could no longer afford to hang on to this project car.  The car was a bare shell on a rotisserie and amazingly, the numbers motor, tranny, fender tag and VIN tag were still with the car. Through extensive research it turns out that the car had been bought and sold in this manner several times over the past 20 years. When we went to look at the car, we brought along our trusty little white book to do a quick fender tag decode. I was able to figure out all but one code. After dragging the car and all the parts back to Canada, more research went into the mystery code … V9Y. 

We were pleasantly surprised to find out that we had come home with an FJ5 sublime green car that had rolled out of the factory with a top banana yellow bumble bee stripe. Other options included power steering, power disc brakes, and automatic on the column (yes on the column?) the max.cooling package, 3:55 sure grip, dual painted mirrors, hood pins and the performance hood treatment.

With help from we were able to get in contact with Ken Garrett, the salesman who sold the car from new at Greco’s Auto Sales in Darien Centre, New York (a Dodge, Renault, Peugeot dealership). Would you believe that he still had the phone number of the guy he had sold it to? Mike Myers (not the actor) was the first owner of this car and has told me that the car spent quite a bit of time tearing up the streets of Baltimore. In speaking with Mike, I also learned that the car rolled out of the factory with 383 emblems on the hood. A factory mistake that Mike said he used to use in his favor when lining up against an unsuspecting racer.

Mike also informed us that he bought the car off of the lot which really makes you wonder what the dealer thought when this one showed up on his front door!!! Mike told me he didn't like the yellow stripe and had it painted over in black. Also, he liked the look of the '71 R/T stripe and had that put on as well as having the hood inserts painted black. After sending Mike some photos of the finished car, he told us we had done a good job putting it back to original but he didn't ever remember there being the hood blackout decal on the car. That said, along with him mentioning that the car had 383 hoods emblems I am going to assume that someone on the line made a mistake with the hood detailing.

The car has been restored back to bone stock original.  Every component was either replaced or restored using the original piece, nos or the best reproduction parts available.

We will have had the car in our possession exactly five years on March 5, 2006.  Expect to see the car at all the Ontario Mopar shows this season.


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