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Moparfest 2004

As some of you may or may not know, for the past 25 years New Hamburg, Ontario has played host to an amazing show called Moparfest. This is truly one of, if not the biggest Mopar events in Canada. I attended the show and I must say the organizers of this show truly out did themselves!'s Project AAR is in full swing and unfortunately this year I was car-less. So a friend of mine brought his beautifully restored 1971 Dodge Demon and his "true survivor" 1972 Charger.

We all hooked up in a huge convoy of old cars and headed out to the show. We arrived at the fair grounds early afternoon on Saturday. There was not a single cloud in the sky and the weather was simply amazing, probably one of the nicest days all summer. We walked the show and I took photos of various cars and the swap meet. Around 5pm we headed out to the Hotel to check in.

We intended on going to the annual car show and burn out competition at a local Chrysler dealership call Wellington Motor's in Guelph, ON. But unfortunately a few wobbly pops later and we were ready to eat! After a late dinner and a few more beers we were off to bed dreaming about the busiest day at Moparfest, Sunday!!

On Sunday morning we got up around 6:30am and headed out to the show. We were pretty much the first group of cars to arrive. This is always nice considering you get to pick your own parking spaces! As we set up the shade tents and cleaned the bugs off the cars other show participants began to arrive. The fairgrounds certainly didn't take too long to fill up. Car after car they started to arrive and by noon on Sunday the place was absolutely packed!

I headed over to the swap meet to take a peak at what they had. Of course well known local parts vendor Nigel from National Moparts was there in full effect. The lineup never stopped for Nigel the entire day. Other companies like Layson's Automotive and various other vendors were on hand to sell all kinds of new and used parts. I heard there were plenty of deals especially if you were from south of the border with American money.

Once again, it appeared everyone was very happy to be there. Lot's of people with their whole families spending time together and enjoying the sites and sounds Moparfest. The diversity of the crowd is definitely something that appeals to many people. Whether you have a broken down K-car in the public parking or a beautifully restored 71 Cuda on the show field this show has it all! I mean it still has a long way to go to be as “big” as Carlisle or The Mopar Nationals but considering the fear some people have with crossing the borders with their cars and the fact that the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit is on the same weekend Moparfest really packs them in!

If you haven't already guessed I had an amazing time at the show this year... Got to meet up with lots of friends and had the chance to make new ones. It’s really a joy to meet people for the first who have been on my site and know all about my little home on net for Cuda's. It is because of the wonderful people I meet every weekend at shows like Moparfest that continues to make a joy to build and a success.

In closing I hope you enjoy all of the images in the photo gallery. If you happen to find your car and would like the high resolution image for your files simply send me an email with the image number and I will be sure to send it to you. I would also like to take the time to thank Rick and all of the people I got to hang out with for making this years Moparfest such a great experience and an awesome weekend with friends.

The Moparfest organizers and staff should be proud of the amazing event they have developed over the past 25 years. Happy anniversary Moparfest can't wait until next year!

Chris Picco

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