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DSCN0164.jpg (65,601 bytes) @ Spring Fling 2003

Since I can remember I have been dreaming about owning my AAR and going out to the local cruise nights and cars shows. Well as many of you know, I was fortunate enough to buy the car of my dreams in December 2002. With my full restoration coming up in August 2003, I have been committed to simply enjoying her as much as I can before the lengthy resto begins. Every time I take her out for a quick cruise I always meet terrific people! Many of the people I have met over the past few months have become terrific friends. What do we all have in common? It is simple actually, we are all car nuts!

Although my website is called I truly love all cars, especially anything Mopar. Having said this, The Daimler Chrysler Canada Inc. & Mopar Performance Group Car Club car show in Brampton, Ontario was this weekend. So I decided to organize a "Breakfast & Cruise" get together. We all met at the Golden Griddle in Pickering, Ontario at 8am Sunday morning. It was a real trip watching the cars assemble in the parking lot in a little over 20 mins.

While we were waiting for everyone to show up we noticed the unmistakable lines of a Challenger off in the distance. As we approached we were stunned at the sight of one of the most beautiful 70 Challenger RT/SE 440-6 Packs we had seen in a long time! The owner Lou, was on his way to the same show. So in "Mopar friendship" tradition we invited him to join us for breakfast. It was wild watching his car back in beside ours, the fresh paint all shiny and the sweet sound of the healthy 440 purring was truly an awesome site! Plus he was kind enough to let us play with his Rimblow steering wheel horn. First time for me! LOL

We ate our breakfast and headed out across Hwy #7. We elected not to take the highway because of Rob Young's crazy high gears (4.56) in his radical 1974 Cuda. Besides, I figured the slow paced cruise would give us a great chance to enjoy each others company and show off our cars in a big group. Surprisingly we managed to stay together the whole 45miles out to the show! The only time we stopped was to let Rob's race car get another drink of fuel! (Man it sucks back the gas) ;)

Once we arrived at the show it was simply amazing. There were all kinds of fantastic Mopars being represented. I would say some of southern Ontario's finest cars were there to be seen and admired. I took quite a few photo's of the show in general, so feel free to take a look. Although it was a little breezy the sun was shinning all day. After bumping into some old friends and making some new ones it was time for the Awards portion of the show. I knew I wasn't going to be winning any awards, but I was really pulling for Lou to win something for the fantastic restoration he has just completed on the Challenger.

Sure enough Lou won the "Best Stock Dodge E-Body Award"! Congratulations Lou! You earned it! Just the first of many I am sure! Overall, I am sure you can tell we all had a great time! It was a fantastic day spent with some fantastic people and some terrific cars! I would like to thank Rob Young, Rob Kamstra, Lou, Sue, Lindsey, Dwayne, Ralph & Martin, for taking part in the cruise, can't wait to do it again real soon!

Yours Truly,

Chris Picco


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