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The Trachsel's Dream Cuda!

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5775 Kroegermount Cincinnati, Ohio 45239

March 29,2003

Dear Chris of CUDAWORLD.COM:

Well, Spring has finally arrived here in Cincinnati, Ohio. Time has certainly flown by since last November when I attained one of my life goals due primarily to your unbelievable website - CUDAWORLD.COM. But let's not skip to the end of the story first. All lovers of 'Cuda's have stories to tell.

My story begins in the Spring of my junior year of high school, 1973. My godfather's son Bill was parting with his 1970 black 340c.i. - 4 speed Plymouth 'Cuda. A car that I had dreamed about since first seeing it @ Indian Lake while on vacation in the summer of 1970. I had to have it. I had worked since I was 10 earning money and saving almost every penny. It was time to move up from dad's 1964 Chev Biscayne wagon. But first I had to convince both my dad and my godfather that a 17 year old could handle the horsepower and pistol grip 4 - speed that this Cuda offered.

Dad stressed the importance of my self-earned college -fund. My godfather simply said the car was too fast for his 23 year old son, and a 17 year old god- son certainly should not own this muscle-car gas-guzzler. Promising my father that he would be proud of me some day when I graduated college and ignoring my wise godfather's advice, I convinced my father ( over the objections of my godfather) to let me buy the Cuda ( I was still a minor) and to title the car in his name.

My godfather was right. The car got me in plenty of trouble ( nothing too serious, minor speeding tickets, and the like). I actually talked myself out of more tickets than I received ( Really the Cuda did all the talking... even the cops loved my car). But the crusin around town, blowing the doors off of the rich kids Camaro's, drive-in's, crusin down the main streets of the small suburban communities of Cincinnati, and driving into the local all - girls high school parking lot in the coolest car of all are just a few of my memories.

Then the reality of college hit in 1974 and 1975. The classes were hard and the books and tuition were expensive @ the University of Cincinnati. A promise is a promise. My father, a WW II and Korean War Marine veteran, means more to me than he will ever know. Look up the word hero and he stands along side other U.S.Marines as the definition. I had promised my dad I would graduate college and to do so I needed money for school.

I tearfully sold my 'Cuda to pay my college expenses. I vowed someday, after a family and success were achieved, I would one day again own a 'Cuda. But not just any 'Cuda, it had to be a black, 340c.i. Hurst pistol grip 1970 'Cuda! Some years later, after diclosing my dream to my wife, she had a picture of my original 1970 'Cuda enlarged and presented it to me as a father's day present. That picture hung above my bedroom dresser as a daily reminder of my goal.

Now let's fast forward the calendar to sometime in late October of 2002.....

I was home alone one October Friday evening doing my monthly 'Cuda search on the web. My wife and kids were all out, and I decided to stay home for some peace and quiet. This decision to stay home, and do yet another 'Cuda websearch, set the wheels in motion that brought this 'Cuda lover his fulfilled dream.

With the click of a mouse that evening, I came across the website of my dreams. Remember it was in 1976, that my 'Cuda was sold and the dreaming started. 26 years later CUDAWORLD came across my "DELL" and there stood the picture of my long-desired black 1970 'Cuda owned by Kathy and Steve near White Plains N.Y.

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Needless to say, e-mails and calls were made, airline tickets were purchased, and on a crisp late fall N.Y. day in October of 2002, with the autumn leaves in all of their radiant colors, I was reviewing, riding - in, negotiating and buying the 1970 'Cuda first featured in CUDAWORLD. It was delivered to me in early November!

My 1970 is not perfect. It is not a highly desired Hemi or an AAR. Heck the original color was not even black. But none of that matters. Did you ever set goals? Did you ever establish a dream so hard to reach that you had to reach deep inside over many years, just to have a chance to reach that dream? Did you ever watch your dream flash before your very eyes and then just wake up and snap out of it?

Someone pinch me. Because I still think I am still dreaming. My 1970 BLACK 340 c.i. Hurst Pistol Grip with less than 61,000 original miles now has a new home and family in Cincinnati. At 47 years old, I have achieved one of my long - ago established life goals thanks to CUDAWORLD!

CUDAWORLD...... Achieve your dreams, in America and most of the rest of the free world anything is possible with hard work, persistence and a little help from a guy named Chris from Canada who is living his dream as publisher and webmaster of Cudaworld, simpy the best damn website on the net for lovers of muscle cars, particularly the best looking one of all, a Plymouth 'Cuda.

Sincerely yours,

Timothy G. Trachsel,
Principal / Manager
The T2 Group, LLC


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