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I know this is long over due but I have finally started the decoding section of As I was building this section I began to wonder about the accuracy of the numbers beyond this page. So I feel the need to explain that I am no expert. I am learning each and every day so please use the information posted as simply a guide. I really do not want to see anyone get into trouble because they based everything on the information you are about to review.

I would appreciate any feedback you may have about the info displayed. If there is an error I would like proof of the correct information and I will update it right away. The source of the information was anonymous and I was unable to trace the original author. As always I love hearing all of your thoughts as I have in the past so if you got something on your mind fire away!

Remember, if you are going to be making claims about your Cuda or purchasing a Cuda, please have the numbers validated and certified by a professional!

I hope you enjoy another quality feature of, thank you all for your continued support!

Chris Picco
Creator & Developer

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